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Life is all about attitudes!

 Jul 12th, 2016

You may have the required skill, expertise, training and even some level of professionalism, but if your attitude is wrong it will reflect in your fundraising endeavors.

Once, at one of my workshops, I explained to the delegates that fundraising is hard work, very hard work! At the end of the workshop I also told them that they should try not to work hard but smart.

One of them jumped up and very smugly told me that at the beginning of the workshop I said they must work hard and now I say they must work smart.

I calmly explained to him that one must first work hard before one can be in a position to work smart.

I find it alarming that so many young fundraisers expect immediate results. They expect positive replies after each and every visit.

Should this not happen they get despondent and it is no wonder that many of them leave the organisation after twelve or eighteen months.

Clearly one of the important character traits, namely persistency, is absent in their personality make-up.

People sometimes ask me why, after 41 years of fundraising, I still seem to be so excited about it. Well, for three reasons:

  • I love working with people.
  • It is satisfying if I reach my targets (goals).
  • I have a passion to serve my community

But, I must admit that most of the times I am on my knees and then it is not for physical training. One can do all this with the right attitude.

Like I said so many times: I have never seen a sour-faced, gloomy and despondent fundraiser who was successful.

– Chris Windell