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How committed are you?

 Jul 12th, 2016

We at Tlamela Community Aid are passionate about caring for our member organisations, sharing our knowledge and inspiring all fundraisers. If you want to discover the wonderful and gratifying world of Fundraising, this is the blog to read. Our fundraising guru, Chris Windell, will get the ball rolling…

How committed are you?

“Delegates at my workshops are sometimes surprised when I ask them what their own contributions are to their organisations. They are quick to reply that they are mostly under-staffed as well as working overtime and surely that can be seen as their contribution.

The reality however, is that there must be a willingness to commit your own money to the cause. Only then will you have earned the right to ask others to do the same. By investing your money in the same cause you are presenting, it shows not only your commitment, but also the outright belief in what you are doing every day.

Apart from the fundraiser, the next question is usually: “Should board members be required to give?”

The first thing you as the fundraiser should do is to ask them if they want to give – remember the greatest sin in fundraising is NOT to ask! Apart from making a contribution, Board Members should be able to assist you in asking the members of their business and social circles or at the very least, open the door so-to-speak for you to go and do the asking.

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