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About Us

Who are we?

Tlamela Community Aid was formed in 2015 in response to a clear and present need for increased fundraising skills in the South African NPO world. We supply training, guidance and support to NGO and NPO organisations that depend on outside funding.

In line with the government’s stated development priorities, we focus in particular on assisting NGO’s and NPO’s which are active in Education, Early Childhood Development, Health, Disabilities, Sport and the Environment.

What do we do?

We organise regular training workshops across South Africa to teach NPO and NGO representatives how to fundraise more effectively. We also produce and distribute fundraising manuals and guidance notes.

How can we help your NPO?

Attending one of our workshops or training sessions will give you the skills and confidence you need to be a better fundraiser. With increased donations, you can do more.

Our story

Against a backdrop of overwhelmed public services, many ordinary South Africans have achieved the extraordinary by establishing organisations to assist their communities with educational opportunities and healthcare facilities.

Many of these NPO’s are partly or even entirely dependent on outside funding. There is an immense desire to help on the part of South Africa’s corporate sector, and amongst the general public. However, converting goodwill to meaningful donations is often a stumbling block.

Smaller, community-based NPO’s may lack the skills and resources to communicate their aims and achievements. The NPO space is becoming increasingly crowded, leading to the risk of donor confusion and even fatigue.

In light of the proliferation of NPO’s, corporate donors are implementing more vigorous application and vetting procedures. These can cut off NPO’s from potential sources of funding.

Tlamela Community Aid exists to help NPO’s overcome these barriers to donation. We apply our decades of successful fundraising expertise to create tailored educational materials and courses that can equip NPO’s to fundraise effectively and be able to fulfill their promises to their communities.
Like any other skill, fundraising can be learned. Our regular training courses empower NPO fundraisers to request and obtain more donations and focus on the specific skills required, including successful donation request applications.

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